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Intelligent Power Timing Manager Sequencer
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    ⊙ Small and medium-sized performances, line array speaker system performance tools.

    ⊙32A waterproof plug, to meet the power requirements of high-power speakers.

    The Jude Lixi air switch controls the output of each channel and is equipped with indicator lights to ensure the accuracy of the operation.

    设计 Designed signal input and output ports for line array performance systems (can be customized as needed).

    ⊙ main power supply 220V voltage input and output (32A waterproof plug)

    ⊙6 waterproof plug-in universal seat output circuit

    ⊙Signal distribution part can be allocated according to your needs

    ⊙To ensure the quality of the Delixi air switch, and each channel can be individually switched (safe, durable)

    ⊙ Can be mounted on any standard 19-inch cabinet


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DM20new version update step


1) Copy the compressed package to the USB flash drive (note that you don't need to decompress it, it is best to format the USB flash drive first)


2) Insert the USB flash drive into any USB port of the mixer, and click “SETUP” on the mixer panel → “Maintenance” → “Update from USB” in the screen


Follow the prompts to complete the installation steps.

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